I’m about ready to retire now. Ready to retire from homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, washing. This is the time of year when I want to cast off all responsibility and go on an adventure. The funny thing is we just returned from a vacation to Hawaii. You’d think I would return refreshed and ready to plow ahead. But something deep within my soul seems overwhelmed. Too much noise. Too much talking. Too much struggle. Too much. Maybe it’s the highly sensitive personality of mine, or being an INFP, or simply being a mom who has been on call for 12 years nonstop.

What would happen if I didn’t get up early in the mornings with a quiet time, didn’t rally my kids to get up and “start our day” with chores, devotions, and a read-aloud, didn’t pull out math books to work on fractions and percentages, didn’t ask for daily writing and reading practice, didn’t make dinner, and didn’t wash the clothes? Well Mother Bear used this method and her family rallied when everything started to feel gross and unbearable. Also, it seemed to be a good method for Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. And I understand that those are fictional characters. But I’m wiling to give it a try. I wonder what the results will be from this experiment?

I feel that what I’m really tired of is the feeling of pushing and pulling my family toward my vision for life. I’m ready to spread my wings and pursue areas of interest for myself. No books on the “right” educational methods. No podcasts about “how to do everything better”. More resources about enjoying and expecting. I’m ready to stop waking up in the morning and dreading the day. I wonder if my children have been waking up dreading their days?

So this is my experiment for this time. Casting off mundane routines. Shedding expectations of conformity. Instead, I will listen for the whispers of peace and move in the direction of delight. Join us?

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“Come to Me, all who labor and area heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Jesus (Matthew 11:28)