Welcome Friends to my little home, nestled in Alaska! I’m so glad you came by to visit!

Have you been feeling little nudges to consider homeschooling but feel overwhelmed and incapable? I had that feeling 8 years ago as well. But I am more confident than ever that this is the lifestyle for us.

Are you just getting started and feel like you are failing? I did too! I spent hours searching for the “right” curriculum, “right” philosophy, and “right” coach instead of embracing the heart-work of homeschooling.

Have you been homeschooling for years but feel worn out and frustrated because nothing seems to make your days magical and peaceful as you imagined? I have felt weary and frustrated. I have said aloud, “I give up!” and “I didn’t sign up for this” in heated moments.

As an INFP, it is second nature for me to pursue idealism and perfectionism in the world around me. However,  I learned that the place for rest was found in trusting the Spirit and not a system or formula. A sense of freedom gave me the permission to remove the chains I was placing around my family.

Let me encourage you,  you are truly empowered to enjoy Rest and Fullness as you homeschool. Together we will learn to REST in God’s full provision, REST in knowing God is fully working in our family’s hearts, REST in knowing no matter our shortcomings our Good Shepherd tenderly leads and calls us His Daughters and His Sons, and we are partakers in Christ’s full inheritance.

I hope you feel encouraged to rest in your position in Christ, and in turn we can SMILE at the future together – sensing the freedom we have to walk as unique individuals empowered by the Spirit.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Mothers With a Mission and I hope you plan to revisit. I am going to follow your bog because you are not only a fellow homeschooler, but a fellow Alaskan :-). Well, I’m a sissy Alaskan and only camp there during the summer months when my husband, a born-and-raised fisherman and I go up to enjoy family, fun, and salmon :-). Good luck and God bless your blog as you help people find rest.


    • Thank you Rita. I’m just now seeing your comment. Camping here in the summer months means you are a smart Alaskan! My parents are snowbirds – traveling to Hawaii in the winter. They are smart, too!


  2. I’m sorry. I should have mentioned that following “Rita Clucas” will take you to a site that I never write on called This Pilgrim’s Process. I do hope you’ll consider going to Mothers With A Mission and click to follow my posts there instead. I sure appreciate it.

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