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You Are Invited to Overcome Your Obstacles and Become the Powerhouse that You are Designed to Be

Tired? Weary? Overwhelmed? Not sure why you are here?

Parched? Dry? In deep need of refreshing?

Broken? At rock bottom? Not sure you can go on?

Called, but scared out of your mind? Not sure what is next? Need some direction?

Come away beloved!

There is nothing like pulling aside to press into the presence of God. Well, except to pull aside to press into the presence of God with other godly women. Something about that just fills our cups back up. That is what this online retreat is all about.

Let’s face it, life has a way of distracting us. It pulls us down. It opens the door for the enemy of our souls to ransack us. And, boy does he!

He has a way of making his voice louder than God’s. We all face it. But, we need not face his onslaught alone. God intends for us to have community. A community of women who pour into the lives of others. A community of women who get real and share the deep things that the world gets uncomfortable with. That is what this retreat is all about!

You will learn:

  • Who God says you are.
  • What God says about you.
  • What God says that you can or cannot do.
  • What God says about Himself.
  • What God says about your enemy.
  • What God says about what He can or cannot do.
  • What God says He can or cannot do for you.
  • What God says He will or will not do in and through you.

You will not want to miss this one!

Join our amazing team of powerhouses as we retreat and sit at the feet of Jesus so we can refresh, refuel, renew, recommit, rebuild, and revive together. You will find this to be a time that pivots everything–You will never be the same again!

Have you been where you are long enough and really need to get moving again, even if it is just one step?

Overwhelmed with confusion and just need some clarity?

Been in a rut….and need something to change…and now?

Not quite sure who you are, why you are here, and what God can do with you?

Beloved, Come Away with Us!

You will learn:

  1. How the enemy plans to steal your identity and legacy.
  2. What God’s Word says about you and what happens to you.
  3. Where Jesus is during tough times.
  4. 3 steps for healing in the moment.
  5. How to flow with the Holy Spirit.
  6. How to celebrate your victories in the midst of the most difficult trial.
  7. How to pray with power and authority.
  8. How to hear God’s still, small voice when life is clamoring all around you.
  9. How to shake off what you have bought into.
  10. Just exactly what God says about your worth.
  11. 4 levels of faith that YOU can access!
  12. Identifying the enemy when he is at work (and what to do about it).
  13. How to sharpen up when life grinds you down.
  14. How to find who you really are–not simply what you do.
  15. And…so much more!

Just look at the amazing sessions:

Session 1: Identity Theft: Taking Back What the Enemy Has Stolen with Cindy Rushton

February 24, 2020 – 7PM CT

Ever wonder, “Who am I? Why am I here?” Ever wonder what God wants for you and your life? This session is just for you! If you have ever struggled with your own identity or feeling like you are not enough, this is for you. If you have ever lost it all and struggled through rebuilding after losing it all, this is for you. If you find yourself right there today, then this is definitely for you! In this session, Cindy Rushton shares how you can know who God says you are, how you can do what God says you are here to do, how you can know Who He is and what what He can and will do for you, and how to let Him loose to do it all in and through you. Join Cindy as she reveals the enemy’s ways and joins hands with you as you take back what the enemy stole. Redemption, resurrection, and restoration are YOURS for the glory of God!

Session 2: You are Greater Than This! Overcome & Plan For Victory With Felice Gerwitz

February 25, 2020 – 7PM CT

Has your life been hijacked by the enemy? Do you have unfulfilled expectations? Do doubt and fear hold you captive? You are GREATER than any obstacle, challenge or roadblock and you can and will overcome. Hold on to your seat as we discuss all of the obstacles and rip those up in the Name of Jesus and create an action plan to overcome and claim the victory!
You. Are. Greater. Than. This.

Session 3: Faith is Your Key to Victory with Lucia Claborn

February 26, 2020 – 7PM CT

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I not get my prayers answered? Why does it seem like I’m not getting ahead? Why am I going around this same mountain for the 40th time?” Listen in with Lucia as she helps you locate your level of faith using examples from men and women in the book of Mark, and then, she will help build your faith to go to the next level in your faith walk! She will share that as a born-again child of God, you are a son or daughter of faithful, Father Abraham. You’ve been given a measure of faith, and as you grow your faith you will learn to walk in a greater level of authority which will cause you to live the victorious life every day of your life!

Session 4: Jesus is Safe with Michelle Ruschman

February 27, 2020 – 7PM CT

Some of you may think this is a strange title. Of course Jesus is safe … right? Unfortunately, many of us aren’t able to trust so easily. Not everyone has the capacity to know His comfort right away. If you’ve been hurt in the past, especially as a child, you may be an adult woman who needs to get to know Jesus a little longer to cultivate that trust. A deepening relationship takes time for those of us who have been broken along the way. When you don’t feel lovable, does it ring true when you hear, “Jesus loves you?” Jesus saves, sure … but is this man … safe? Circumstances in a fallen world can cause us to be suspicious, so where do we look for the evidence that Jesus can be trusted with our vulnerability? We go to our sisters in the Bible. In this presentation, we’ll look at The Bleeding Woman for evidence that Jesus is the gentleman we’ve been looking for, and hopefully learn to trust again.

Session 5: Walking in Your True Identity with Kim Huitt

February 28, 2020 – 7PM CT

Do you feel loved? I mean deeply loved with no hooks, no conditions, no masks, no baggage, no offense, and no fear? Are you 100% confident in the place you are looking to find lasting fulfillment? If you’re like me and most women I know, we can spend a staggering amount of time looking for love/acceptance/validation in people/status/possessions. But those all end up ringing shallow. Then we pick up our broken hearts and look for another well from which to drink. Let’s come together and refocus our gaze on The One who created you. You are the culmination of His created work. You are His Beloved. The Godhead devised a rescue plan to win your Heart and offer You abundant life. We can live like a tree planted by streams of water. Don’t settle for less than walking in your True Identity in Christ.

Excited? You will not want to miss this!

In a battle? For YOURSELF? For your very being? Today is the day to set aside just one hour a day, February 24-28 to come away my beloved.

You can join us from the comfort of your own home…even in your PJs!

You and your friends can join us live — completely free!

We give you the links for our private “chat” room. When we record our seminars or chats, you can always log in and join us live completely free. Just sign up below to be updated with details on how to join us each day.

We have a wonderful online conference room set up just for us to gather across the miles(Join our Conference Room here: CLICK HERE at 7PM CT/4PM AK Time each day February 24-28). Stay Updated by sending me an email with the subject header “Beloved”.  I’ll send reminders and encouragement just before and during the event, including the link to join us each day of the live event.

Of course, we know that things come up. If you miss a session, no problem everything is recorded via video AND audio, so it is saved for you to enjoy now and later. We offer those recordings in a set that is a crazy price! More on that in a minute!

The way it works…

We record everything in video and audio format so you can access the way you LIKE! Then, we post everything to a private website just for our members. Our members can access all of the audios, free door prizes, and even the text chats from the sessions AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. You can listen again and again. Listen as many times as you want. Listen…back up…listen again. There are no deadlines. You can listen at your own convenience.

PLUS! Our members get an amazing Come Away My Beloved Action Guide that is like a personal quiet time to dig deeper and press even more into the presence of God. This one is one of the very best that we have ever produced. It is over 60 pages packed with wisdom, strategies, and, best of all, space for you to journal and write down what God is teaching you personally! 

IN ADDITION! We have added amazing BONUSES offered by each of the speakers offering even more in-depth study.

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