{FREE} Restful Weekly Homeschool Planner

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RestFULLife Weekly Planner

Have you been looking for a planner that allows you to plan and dream on paper, yet allows you the freedom to go on rabbit trails in real life? Have planners left you feeling inadequate or stifled? Too cumbersome? So overwhelming? Do you wonder if you’re doing enough? Maybe you feel frantic?

Sense the freedom to explore and discover with this weekly homeschool planner. This life-giving tool can infuse rest into your homeschooling days by drawing your attention to:




You can enjoy days that are robust, nourishing, and flexible. Thrive in your everyday moments. I hope you find this Weekly Planner to be an encouragement.

Download your free planner here:

RestFULLife Weekly Planner


Let’s journey in Rest and Fullness,





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  1. What a beautiful site

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